10 Reasons Why Climbing Mountains Can Enrich Your Life

  • The physical health and fitness benefits are huge

Not only will you develop incredible strength and stamina while climbing mountains (constantly), but you will also find that your diet improves. McDonald’s is not readily available in the Alps (thank goodness!), So you will find that you will need to pack some lunches and snacks.

You will also find that unhealthy foods will not feed you properly. The work involved in hiking and climbing requires proper nutrition. The altitude causes your lungs to get stronger and the wrestling becomes less and less each time you walk. In addition, there is a lot to be learned from exercise in nature.

  • You can see places very few get to see

We can all see pictures of these places and we may all want to go to these places, but in fact, doing the work to get to these places saves a lot of it. The time and effort it takes to climb a mountain, and I’m talking about a good day hike in high altitude on a mountain, can be too difficult for many.

When you reach the top you can rest assured that you are one of the few to get there and can revel in the beauty and rarity of such a sight. The good thing is that you are 100% guaranteed to have an amazing view from the top of a mountain (unless it’s a foggy or smoky day).


  • You will meet the most amazing people who you will call friends

Hikers and climbers are an impressive breed of people. You will find these few similarities between them: They are all positive, they are all strong and confident, and they are all happy. Meeting people through alpine clubs, hiking groups and social media will be one of the main ways to find hiking partners.

The great thing about hikers is that we all have similar goals, to reach the top of the mountain and enjoy a day of exercise and the beauty of nature. Longtime friends can be made this way because you usually spend a lot of time with each other. You can also admire the most beautiful places with these people, which can bring people together in a special way.

  • You will finally understand why the mountains are calling and you must go

The mountains are so special; they have such magic going for them. Maybe it’s the fact that they can be so dangerous or maybe it’s because they make us feel so small. Even if you don’t even climb them, they are calling you.

You may find that all the problems in your life dissolve when you are around them or life slows down a bit. All I can tell you is that after spending some time surrounded or climbing, you will feel the need to come back.

  • Climbing mountains will teach you patience, persistence, and gratitude

Climbing a mountain is the furthest thing from ease. Long periods of constant vertical climbing can be the most exhausting and difficult thing you can do. Not only physical difficulties but also mental difficulties will also test you.

Exposed and challenging climbing and route finding can make the most of your mental abilities. The classic quote that tells you “don’t look at the whole mountain, take it one piece at a time” is something you will understand. You will learn to never give up; to know that the reward will be worth the work it takes.

It may take you several months, attempts, and hours but you will take the time and you will be able to achieve the ascent. Once you do, you will realize what it is. It’s like reaching a goal, fulfilling a dream, and finding out that you can do whatever you want. It’s an addicting feeling that no one can properly explain and that you must feel.

  • They will teach you why we want to protect the environment

After seeing what the untouched places look like, you’ll want to protect them. Clearcutting and human interference in any of these beautiful places will be the worst thing you can imagine. You might finally understand why there are so many rules in national parks and how grateful you are.

Beautiful places can become hot spots for people, and protecting them is the best step in allowing everyone to enjoy these places. After climbing mountains, you respect what we have a little more. I find that I recycle more, useless, and reuse items to help in any way I can.

  • They will teach you how to be positive


If you’ve been having negative thoughts about climbing a mountain, this is probably your one way to fail. Telling yourself that you can’t or that it is impossible doesn’t help in any way. If you are positive, even if the climb is not possible at the moment, you will keep trying.

I always tell myself that I must have a 120% determination to succeed in this climb. If you don’t believe you can climb the mountain, you probably never will. You can do more than you think and all you need to do is trust yourself, believe in yourself and take it a little at a time, before you know it you’ll be on top.

  • They will teach you about change and being prepared for change

If you’ve ever spent time in the mountains, know that the weather changes in the blink of an eye, so it’s essential to be prepared. Every mountain is different so you have to change your route as well.

There is never only one way to climb a mountain, sometimes the route is several other ways or something is blocking your way. The mountains will teach you that things are constantly changing and that you just need to find another tactic to overcome the change.

  • Every Mountain will teach you something

I still find that every mountain I have climbed has taught me at least one important lesson. A rainy climb, I learned that the cameras are not waterproof! Another climb taught me to be better prepared to find the route (more research etc.). Whether they teach you how to bring a bivouac in case you need to sleep through the night or teach you that proper footwear is essential, you always learn something every time.

Rock climbing can be the biggest and worst thing you’ve ever done in your life, but in the end, you usually end up wanting more no matter what.

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